We Turn to Nature

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Recently, in order to better understand how Palmer Land Trust can serve our community during the COVID-19 pandemic, we conducted an online survey. Thank you to all of those who submitted a response.  With an abundance of local parks, open spaces, and trails, we recognize that we are incredibly fortunate in southern Colorado. It's why we live here. Many of us are no more than a few minutes away from a park or trailhead where we can take pause, enjoy the fresh air, savor the beauty around us, and unplug. Although recent circumstances have made food security an unnerving issue, we also recognize that there are a number of places where we can not only access fresh, healthy, locally grown food, but we can also cultivate meaningful relationships with the farmers and ranchers who provide these food products. 

Here is what you said!

Nearly 3/4 of survey respondents (73%) said they feel “unsure of the future, anxious or concerned." These feelings are understandable, but like nature, our community is resilient and strong. Reaching out and connecting with friends and family, coupled with our reliance on the outdoors for physical and mental health, has given us the courage to move forward. A resounding 84% of survey respondents said they are using the outdoors during this time for various reasons, including recreation, mental health, and stress release. It is clear, we need nature now more than ever!

How does the outdoors make us feel?

In regards to our community's personal ability to access healthy, local food, many (30%) expressed concern or felt unsure of the future (23%). We hope that Palmer's Local Food Resource Guide will help you locate fresh food producers near you.

Respondents overwhelmingly urged us to continue saving the land that nourishes us (71%). An additional 34% indicated that they’d like a list of properties that allow public access. Below we have provided a downloadable map of Palmer's public parks and open spaces for you to enjoy.  We’d love to see your photos in these areas! Tag us on social media @palmerlandtrust and #natureendures. 

Here are two of our favorite quotes from the survey. Thank you, all, for sharing your experiences and your thoughts with us. We are continually inspired by you and your dedication to the land!

“Even though we are planting our spring garden and doing yard chores, the ability to go to beautiful, open spaces to breathe in the outdoor air and be inspired by the Peak soaring above, into the sky, gives me a sense of calm and peace, a reassurance that there is always hope so long as we keep up our connection to the natural things that last.”

“Getting out into the beauty of nature is a balm for the soul.”

Parks and Open Spaces Map