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Five in Five

Palmer commits to protecting five parks in five years

To ensure the health and wellbeing of people and nature, Palmer is doubling down on our conservation work and we've set a goal of protecting five new parks in five years—for you.

Building on our already conserved portfolio of 20 public parks and open spaces, adding five more parks and open spaces throughout southern Colorado will add miles of new trails for hikers, cyclists, families, and more. It will provide places for wildlife to roam, places for you to dream, and places for nature to thrive.

“Preserving our natural wonders, as well as building and maintaining engaging city parks are of the highest value to our community, and is fundamental to my fulfillment and desire to build a life here.” - Southern Colorado Resident

Image of the Field Guide with text reading "Explore and Discover, Check out the Palmer Land Conservancy Field Guide to explore 20  parks and open spaces protected in southern Colorado!"