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Palmer protects twenty of your favorite public parks and open spaces, and conserves trails and green spaces in urban areas that provide unmatched recreational opportunities for an unrivaled high-quality of life.

Protected Since 2006

Red Rock Canyon Open Space

The towering sandstone formations of Red Rock Canyon Open Space have enthralled people since time immemorial. Artifacts from as early as the Archaic period (7,000 years ago) have been found on the property, as well as artifacts from Indigenous tribes who regarded the land as sacred.

Today, with 40 miles of trail available for hiking, biking, running, and equestrian access, Red Rock Canyon Open Space offers something for everyone. 

land ownership

City of Colorado Springs

ability Level





Horseback Riding


Rock Climbing

Dogs Allowed On/Off Leash

Protected Since 2014

Bear Creek Regional Park

From its beginnings as a hunting ground and ranch in the early 1800s, to the community-led Poor Farm in the early 1900s, Bear Creek Regional Park has been an integral part of the community and region.


El Paso County

Activities Allowed



Horseback Riding


Cross Country Skiing


Dogs Allowed On/Off Leash

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Palmer commits to protecting five parks in five years

“Preserving our natural wonders, as well as building and maintaining engaging city parks are of the highest value to our community, and is fundamental to my fulfillment and desire to build a life here.”

Southern Colorado Resident