TENACITY: Women in Conservation 2023

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TENACITY: Women in Conservation 2023

"Hope isn't something that happens to us.

Hope is something that we make."

Dawn DiPrince | Executive Director, History Colorado

Whether in heels or boots, women know how to get the work of conservation done! 

During Palmer's wildly successful 2023 TENACITY: Women in Conservation event on March 15, women from all corners of Colorado came together to honor, celebrate, and learn from Anne Castle, Dawn DiPrince, and Jackie Miller. From harnessing their individual superpowers, to overcoming adversity to rise to the top of their respective fields, in front of a sold out crowd these three powerhouse women shared their visions, hopes, and concerns for the future of Colorado. 

The women touched on topics of gender equity, the power and necessity of female leadership, and that progress moves at the speed of trust. We all agreed that we must continue to come together to protect land and water for our individual and collective health and vitality. Most importantly, no matter what obstacles we face, “we have more ancestors than we have fears.”  Their stories, insights, and pearls of wisdom brought tears and laughter and left us all wanting to learn - and do - more.

"Find your support group. If you have that foundation supporting you, you can keep on keeping on through the bad times."

Anne Castle | Senior Fellow, Getches-Wilkinson center for natural resources, energy, and the environment at the university of Colorado Law school

At Palmer Land Conservancy we believe that Colorado’s lands are essential to the health and wellbeing of people and nature and we are committed to conserving land and water for the benefit of our community and our natural environment.

And we also believe, conservation is not a luxury. It is one of the most critical and relevant issues of our time. 

In its “Manifesto for a Healthy Recovery from COVID-19” the World Health Organization draws clear links between a healthy environment and human health. In it, the WHO stresses the importance of protecting nature because, in its words, “it is the source of human health.” 

If you feel moved, sparked, or inspired to get more involved, we invite you to join Palmer Land Conservancy today. Because loving a place is only the beginning, you must have the courage to protect it.


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"We can all be conservationists. Even folks that don’t hike 14ers, or heli-ski in our own backyards we can connect with nature and feel its impact on us."

Jackie Miller | Executive Director, Great outdoors Colorado