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Ensuring local food

From the famed Pueblo chile, to sweet Rocky Ford melons, to local beef, the family farms and ranches throughout southern Colorado produce delicious and healthy food. Palmer’s farm and ranchland protection work is a critical piece to ensuring our rural communities, economies, and food supply remain strong.

Protected Since 2009

Bessemer Farmland Conservation

Palmer's signature agricultural conservation initiative seeks to conserve a critical mass of productive irrigated farmland in eastern Pueblo County using an innovative, market-based framework.


Pueblo County

Collaboration With

Farmers, elected officials, community members, nonprofits, funders, and consultants

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Protected Since 2020

Hanagan Farm

Over 115 years of hard work and history make the Hanagan Farm, a Colorado Centennial Farm located southeast of Rocky Ford in Otero County, a southern Colorado community treasure.  That is why when the family approached Palmer Land Conservancy to assist them with the purchase of 260 acres of prime farmland and its associated senior water rights that the family had owned decades ago, we didn't hesitate.


Otero County

Acres conserved

260 + Senior Water Rights

Partnership Since 2019

CB Ranch Stewardship Covenant

In 2019, Palmer Land Conservancy entered into a unique and promising agreement with Security Water and Sanitation District to ensure a thoughtful approach to the dry-up of the 200-acre CB Ranch in Coaldale, Colorado. This community-led agreement will ensure positive outcomes for revegetation of the property and continuing water security for the area.


Fremont County

Acres stewarded


Collaboration with

Security Water and Sanitation District, community members, and stakeholders

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From seed to harvest, local farmers and ranchers throughout southern Colorado work tirelessly to provide nourishing and delicious food. Let's support them — use Palmer's Local Food Guide to discover some of the best farms, ranches and farmers markets in our region.

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