CB Ranch Stewardship Covenant

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CB Ranch Stewardship Covenant

A Unique and Promising Agreement

In 2019, Palmer Land Conservancy entered into a unique and promising agreement with Security Water and Sanitation District to ensure a thoughtful approach to the dry-up of the 200-acre CB Ranch in Coaldale, Colorado. The beautiful, historic ranch is located 15 miles east of Salida along the Arkansas River on Highway 50 and is a visual and wildlife centerpiece for the community.

In 2013, the property was purchased by Security in order to transfer the water rights from the ranch so that they could be used to support their growing community. Through this agreement, Palmer and Security are working together to ensure positive outcomes for the revegetation of the property. The Coaldale Alliance, a community-driven nonprofit composed of nearly 100 individuals in the community, was the driving force behind this effort and came together for the future of the ranch. They asked Palmer to hold the 5-year stewardship covenant on the ranch and to help them visualize the next phase of the property.  Palmer is honored to have the opportunity to work with this committed community now and into the future.

“This is a very exciting next step for our community to welcome Palmer Land Trust as a partner. They have the in-house expertise to not only manage the monitoring of the ranch, but also to guide the project forward.”

Janet Engel, Board member of the Coaldale Alliance