New Study Reveals $31-$49 of Public Benefit for Every Dollar Invested in Conservation

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Colorado's landscapes are not just a canvas for scenic beauty; they are the economic engine driving the state's prosperity. A recent comprehensive study (executive summary) by Colorado State University focused on 2.3 million acres of conserved lands sheds light on the exceptional returns generated by conservation easements. Conservation easements are voluntary agreements ensuring the permanent protection of lands with intrinsic significance. These protected acres provide incredible value to Colorado residents including carbon sequestration, food production, biodiversity, and water quality. Conservation easements have become the linchpin of Colorado's conservation efforts by incentivizing private landowners to preserve the ecological and agricultural richness that defines Colorado.

The new study highlights an impressive return on investment that ranges between $31 and $49 of public benefits for every dollar invested in Colorado conservation easements which is a significant increase in value from an earlier 2017 study. The eye-popping ROI – between $31 and $49 for each dollar invested in conservation is not just a financial gain; it's a testament to the smart allocation of resources for the long-term benefit of Colorado's residents—both people and wildlife.

Digging deeper into the public benefits, conservation easements play a crucial role in various facets. Carbon sequestration and storage, an essential component in the land's resiliency, significantly contributes to the public value of these easements. The preservation of lands for food production and grazing ensures a sustainable source of locally grown food, supporting both the economy and the health of Colorado communities.

Habitat biodiversity thrives under the protection of conservation easements, promoting a delicate balance in the ecosystem. Moreover, the positive impact on water quality and soil erosion control cannot be overstated, safeguarding essential resources for the state's future.

The study highlights that the public benefits derived from conservation easements extend far beyond the monetary gains. It's about securing a future where Colorado continues to be a beacon of natural beauty, abundant food, and outdoor recreation. The $31-$49 ROI in conservation is not just a number; it represents a strategic investment in the well-being of Colorado's residents and the protection of the state's unique identity. as a powerful vehicle for positive change. Colorado's protected landscapes are not just conserved they are actively contributing to environmental resilience, promoting sustainable agriculture, and preserving the natural wonders we all hold dear.

It's an investment in the present and the future, where the returns go beyond dollars and cents. It's an investment in a Colorado that thrives economically, ecologically, and culturally—a state that continues to be a shining example of responsible stewardship for generations to come.
Make a gift to Palmer Land Conservancy today, knowing your gift will provide a significant public benefit for every dollar invested in protecting the Colorado we all cherish.