Colorado College Students Contribute More Than 200 Hours to Advancing Palmer's Mission

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We applaud and say farewell to a dedicated group of Colorado College students in the environmental studies department who spent the last two semesters assisting Palmer staff on key projects and events. As part of the curriculum, environmental studies students must fulfill 20 hours of relevant volunteer work for two semesters to complete their degree. The five student volunteers logged more than 200 hours contributing towards Palmer's mission.

During their time working with Palmer, the diligent students worked with Palmer's stewardship and external affairs teams in meaningful ways. With the stewardship team, the students contributed to various field days on properties protected by Palmer, learning and performing noxious weed management, native wildflower seeding, and forestry management. They spent considerable hours picking up trash at various Palmer-conserved Colorado Springs and El Paso County open spaces.

In addition, the volunteers assisted Palmer's event staff at several events throughout the fall and spring semesters. Whether setting up an event, greeting guests, or spreading the word about Palmer's work, these volunteers contributed a sizable amount of their hours to assisting Palmer's external affairs team. The enthusiastic CC students also assisted with various research on critical projects, including expanding Palmer's list of Colorado producers for our constantly expanding food guide, improving Palmer's map data, and compiling research for e-bike policy throughout Colorado and the American West.

Thank you Emir Suhaime, Margo Drummond, Estie Seligman, Hannah Shew, and Tyler Yung for all of the time you invested in projects advancing Palmer's mission to protect land and water for the wellbeing of nature and people. It was a pleasure working with each of you and we wish you a bright future in conservation or wherever your career leads.