Landowner Services

Placing a conservation easement on your property with Palmer is just the first step to ensure a long and mutually-beneficial relationship.

Palmer’s stewardship services program is designed to assist private landowners with stewardship and management activities on their land. We may also be able to assist with facilitating grant funding for your project or provide other technical planning activities and support.

Below you will find useful information on:

Grant Opportunities | Invasive Species Assistance | NRCS/Conservation District Office Locator | Forest Health and Fire Mitigation | Native Plant Species Identification Materials | Conservation Easement/Reserved Rights Questions | Water Rights Resources | Stream Restoration | Wildlife Resources

Grant Opportunites

Private Property Grants

Public Property Grants

Invasive Species Assistance

Noxious Weeds Assistance


A grazing management plan is an important aspect of the conservation easement on your property, and Palmer is happy to assist you in your efforts. Though there are other options, we recommend reaching out to your local Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) office or the District Conservationist, who can provide more information on grazing and resource management and create a plan for your property. 

Find your local NRCS Office | Find your local Conservation District

Forest Health and Fire Mitigation

Colorado State Forest Service Offices

Common Forest Insects and Diseases

Programs for Homeowners and Landowners

Native Plant Species Identification Materials

While there are numerous resources for local plants, here are a few we use at Palmer:

Easy to use websites:
Apps for your phone:
plant Databases:

We can help identify appropriate seed mixes for your specific location if you are interested in planting native species. Here are a few local companies that sell native seed mixes:

Conservation Easement/Reserved Rights Questions

If you have questions regarding the conservation easement on your property or your reserved rights, feel free to contact Palmer’s Land Stewardship Manager, Theron Verna by email at [email protected] or at (719) 941-9428.

Water Rights Resources

As you are aware, water rights are a complicated subject in our state! Palmer staff are available to help with many of your water rights questions. Depending on the complexity, we may refer you to an attorney who specializes in water rights. We can provide contact information for water attorneys with whom we have worked over the years.

If you are interested in learning more about water rights, Colorado has documented all of the state’s water rights in an online database.  

Colorado’s Decision Support Systems:

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) also has many useful mapping tools for researching and learning more about the water resources on your property:

Stream Restoration

River Science

CO SB23-270

Fountain Creek Watershed Flood Control & Greenway District

Wildlife Resources

Defenders of Wildlife - Bothered by Beavers

Habitat Partnership Program

CPW Game Damage Program

CPW Wildlife Fencing Guidelines

Partners for Fish and Wildlife

More information

For more information on Palmer's landowner services program, please contact us. We'd be honored to discuss how we can support you and your vision for your property.

Theron Verna
Land Stewardship Manager
(719) 941-9428

Sand Creek Restoration


Water is the lifeblood and basis of our high quality of life in Colorado. Water connects us all. With Colorado’s population set to increase significantly by 2050, water is also Colorado’s most pressing natural resource issue. As the demand for water increases, a focus on stewarding our most precious natural resources becomes even more urgent. Palmer Land Conservancy is dedicated to maintaining that focus.

In partnership with the Sprague family and the Coalition for the Upper South Platte, and with funding provided by Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) and FedEx, Palmer led the completion of an important habitat and wetland restoration project in the Upper South Platte River Basin.

This vital watershed offers world-class recreational opportunities, which bring tremendous economic benefits to the local communities. It is also a critical piece of Denver’s municipal water resources, providing 70% of the city’s water supply.

“Through Palmer Land Conservancy we have become participants in a broad Colorado community that works to protect the land, water, flora, and fauna – a collaboration that provides inspiration and hope for the future.”