What are the short- and long-term goals of Elevate the Peak?

    The goal of Elevate the Peak is to better understand how Coloradans of all ages, backgrounds, and identities use our outdoor spaces in the Pikes Peak region to work, play, escape, engage, and connect. The short-term goal is to hear from individuals throughout the region, across a broad spectrum that includes voices representative of our diverse region. The input and feedback will be used to outline a 10-year plan that guides conservation and recreation efforts moving forward.

    What is a regional plan and why is it important?

    A regional plan looks at an area beyond one governmental boundary, such as a city or county. Elevate the Peak is focused on a multi-county area that is defined as the Pikes Peak region. The land does not know governmental or ownership boundaries, and people generally do not know which entity manages a particular public open space. Therefore, Elevate the Peak seeks to take a comprehensive look at the entire landscape in order to set forth future goals, as inspired and envisioned by individuals from across the regional community.

    What will make this different from similar, past efforts?

    Our region has many thoughtful, robust plans focusing on our outdoors. However, never before has a planning effort sought to look at the entire, multi-county area that defines the Pikes Peak region. Additionally, Elevate the Peak is led by a coalition of nonprofits focused on land conservation and outdoor recreation. This makes the effort community-driven, as opposed to government-driven. Being community-driven allows the initiative to think boldly and expansively, beyond any one boundary and political line on a map, and be reflective of how people use the outdoors and how they envision the future.

    How will the regional plan be used?

    The regional plan will do two things. 1) It will guide conservation and outdoor recreation activities and goals undertaken by our region's most influential and impactful nonprofits, and 2) It will set forth bold goals that can only be accomplished through a coalition of collective efforts. Our region's outdoor potential is bigger than any one entity. The Elevate the Peak plan will allow us to think big, consolidate resources, and tackle projects that previously may have been too big to accomplish.